Summer Update on Beloved Universe

To Start Things Off

I know it has been awhile since I have been able to write up a blog post and give all of you an update on the universe. The first thing I wanted to say is thank you for your continued reading and supporting of the comic. I really enjoy reading all the comments that people leave even if I don't respond to them for awhile. Thank you! This comic would not be as fun as it is now if it was not for everyone of you who has taken the time to show it some love.

So! Let's get to the updates on all the different projects that I have been working on!

Beloved Chains

As you all who have been following the comic have noticed, June 22nd, we went on the hiatus as Issue 4's pages are designed and drawn. I am happy to say that I'm all paid up with my artist on that one so there should not been a long wait between them. She is presently giving me an end of July Deadline so I'm hoping to start releasing more pages again in the first week of August!

After that though, I'm still working out the finances to fund Issue #5. Worse case scenario, we won't be able to until I get the budget to a point to cover it.

Beloved Maid

Beloved Maid is continuing on with no problems! Kinchan has continued to work on getting the art completed. As of the posting of this blog, we have only one more page for Issue #4 to release BUT, I have already uploaded half of issue 5 so there won't be any delay!

Beloved Maid is funded all the way through Issue 6 plus a bunch of special artwork that I hope to make available on the website once I finish some backend coding.

Blue Blossom Adventures

The visual novel? Has it died? No! I honestly had to start all over again because I learned so much about the system I am using to write it that I made it almost impossible with the present code to actually make it expandable. Instead of taking time to hack it to make it work, it'll be easier for me to restart the code base.

That has been started and the artwork is already 90% done. So, I'm hoping by Christmas to have a release!

Tales Around the Empire

I am working with the artist of MB Studios to create an anthology of short story web comics that tell stories from all over the universe instead of staying focused on the main characters of Beloved Maid and Beloved Chains.

This comic will not be as common as the others but a place to share unique stories that I come up with for you all! Stay tuned as we are already done with the script stage and character designs which I plan to share on the Beloved Chains website next week!

Writing, Writing, Writing!

I have a bunch of short stories and novellas that are still in work. Not an exhaustive list but I'm half way done with Ascendant Rising and in the process of editing the second Star Traveler book Dead in Space to continue that story.

Not to mention the Anthology Tales around Blue Blossom which will have 15 short stories, some you have already read and others that won't be published on the blog or websites including unique artwork for them in the book!

In the End

We are still chugging along! I've enjoyed all of this but I didn't realize how much output I would need on top of my non-writing life and everything.

-Xaltean Imperial News

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