Statement from Beloved Universe about AI.

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn't realized what the potential impact of #artificial #intelligence is when it comes to the artistic worlds of both the written word and the drawn image. The creative endeavors of our #creators in the realm of #computers have created a machine who has learned from us and can create works. The beneficial potential is immeasurable.

Of course, that means those who only see money and not the damage it can cause, will attempt to utilize this new tool to cut out #artists and #writers; try to replace them with these wonderful machines.

I, the creator of the Beloved Universe, am a writer and I rely on amazing, artists around the world to fashion this universe into what it is now and it is important to know where the Beloved Universe stands with the continue rise of AI artwork in the wild.

Beloved Universe does use artificial intelligence like #stablediffusion and #midjourney to create concepts of what is in my head. It is a tool to provide artists a better understanding of what I am thinking outside of what I have written.

Under no circumstances will Beloved Universe be replacing an artist with a machine nor will we be releasing any AI created artwork on our official channels. Beloved Universe will continue to work with and hire real artists to create this passion of mine and #AI will remain a tool to that end.

Beloved Universe supports both the creator and the advancement of technology and condemns those who care little for either and treat both the artist and the machine as a path to more riches.

AI is here to stay and it will be treated as a tool to help humanity. Not replace us.

-Jonathan S, creator of Beloved Universe

-Xaltean Imperial News

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