Heading into 2023

Introduction As I write this, I am shocked that we’re actually in 2023 now. In some ways it is hard to wrap my brain with the fact that the years are moving so fast and that I have been working on Beloved Chains brand for four years. I recently found my original notes when I was planning this comic and now laugh as I expected to be done within the year with the entire story. How completely optimistic and naïve I was. Of course, the only reason that this comic has continued is because of the continued interest and support around the entire thing. I read every comment both positive and negative and try to take it into consideration. I appreciate each and every one of you readers out there no matter if you are here for the action/adventure political drama story or the pretty women. You are appreciated.

Changes in 2023 Even though we are only twelve days into 2023, there are some major things that I do have to announce. It’s not bad news but it’s also not great news. To dispel any initial concern nothing is canceled. There has been a recent change in my life that is going to be effecting my entire family and my finances. My family has plans to try and move closer to family in another state. The big problem is that the present plan has us moving into one of the more expensive states to live in here in the United States. This means that I have to start saving a lot more than I initially had which is going to put a serious dampening on the money I have available to fund each issue. Let me break down what it means by Project

Beloved Chains Issue 3 is already paid for and will be complete. What this does translate is that Issue #4 cannot get started until I can get the funds setup for my artist and that pot is going to be slower to fill. There may be another gap between Issue #3 and Issue #4.

Beloved Maid Issue #3 and Issue #4 are already paid for and almost complete. This means that there will be no noticeable delay for this comic as I have enough pages to keep release until around October of this year. Hopefully by that point, my financial situation has stabilized so that I can keep things going.

Blue Blossom Adventures All the basic art is paid for and just working with the artist to finish the project. This does mean that some of the expansions that were planned are now delayed. I’m hoping to have this completed closer to the middle of 2023 but there is still a lot of coding and beta testing to go.

What does this mean? What the tl;dr of all this is that nothing is canceled but a lot of things are going to be grinding to a slow crawl as funding will be a challenge. I’m a writer so I’m hoping to keep content coming for those interested in written stories around this world but I don’t want to make any promises.

For those interested in helping Now, reading all of this, someone may think to themselves: “I wish there was a way I could help”. There are a few ways you can help both monetarily and not.

Support the Beloved Collection monetarily I am opening up Issue #4 to community support for anyone who wants to help fund the next issues. The perks of this will be:

I don't have any numbers or anything yet per page to offer but I'll do another blog post later this month with the information for anyone who is looking for it!

Support the Beloved Collection in other ways Other ways you can help is sharing Beloved Chains and Beloved Maid around the web to garner more interest in it. Every link you share, every like, every post back helps raise the existence of it and thus more support for the comic.

Ending Again, thank you for all of you who continued to hang around

-Xaltean Imperial News

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