Autumn Updates from the Beloved Universe

I am amazed how fast that the summer has gone and now that we are back in autumn. We actually past our four year mark here at Comic Fury on the 7th of this month! In a way, it is hard to believe that this much time has past while working on this passion project and I appreciate each and everyone of you that have stayed along for the ride. So! What's still coming? Let's get that update done!

Beloved Chains

Issue 4

Just a few updates when it comes to this one. Issue #4 is still going. All the layouts have been completed and I already have the first completed page. I'm hoping to get at least half the pages in my hand before I start releasing again.

I want to avoid too long of a hiatus but I also don't want to put you all in the situation on not knowing when the next page is coming out.

New Artist!

I am happy to announce that we have a new artist for the series and you have actually seen his work before. MajiroB, the artist behind the Interlude 2 – “Obedience”

He will be taking over the story for Issue 5 that is presently being written! I'm very excited to be working with him in the coming months!

Beloved Maid

All of you haven't finished Issue #5 but I already have almost all of Issue #6 which will be uploaded right behind so there shouldn't be any interruption between the two!

Digital Comics Released!

I have also gotten Beloved Maid released digitally for anyone who wants to get a personal copy and support the project! You can find them below

Issue #1 Amazon | Gumroad Issue #2 Amazon | Gumroad Issue #3 Amazon | Gumroad Issue #4 Amazon | Gumroad

Blue Blossom Adventures Visual Novel

Unfortunately, this project has been on the bottom of my to do list due to how much it takes to get done. Like I mentioned in my last update, I had to redo all the code again to make it better and run smoother. It was a lot of work down the drain but in the end, it'll make the game a lot better!

More to come on this even though it might be awhile.

Novellas & Short Stories

In the gaps between art releases and the other projects, I decided to lean into the talent I actually have and get some content out for those who like to read about the world as much as read the comic.

The short story collection is now at 5 completed stories of 15. Some of the other ones I'm working on are a longer but I'm going to get this done. I plan to release a few more online for everyone to read if they'd like.

Between a Princess & A Hard Place

The first novella based in Beloved Maid! I started this one while on vacation as I had a wild idea to slip some story between a point in Issue #6. There is about 10,000 words of the planned 25,000 and I hope to release it before the end of the year!

I've been really wanting to get a novella done for this universe as I wanted to see what these characters were like in a story.

My Beloved Chains: Spring

This is almost done. It is actually an omnibus of Beloved Chains Issues 1 through 4 and Beloved Maid Issue 1 through 5 plus the inclusion of a lot of the art including some art that has never been released!

The goal is to release this as a Print on Demand manga so that anyone can get a physical copy of the entire universe to read whenever they want!

How can You Keep up on Projects?

I decided it was time for a way to track the projects so you could easily see how they are going. If you go to the following page, you can see an updated status of the present project, where it's at, and for the funding status of the next issue after!

Status of Beloved Universe

How you can help?

I'm still working on a perk system built into my beloved universe website but if you are interested in helping out. There are a few ways you can help. * You can donate through librapay or through paypal. * Purchase one or more of the released volumes. * Vote and Share Beloved Universe with whoever you want to enlarge the readership!

Where to Hang Out?

Interested in hanging out and seeing snippets and sneak peeks? I do release some snippets of projects in the work on our Discord and for those who love the decentralized technology, you can join us at our new matrix server (which bridges to the Discord)!

Discord Matrix


That's it so far! Thank you again each and everyone of you who has taken time out of their day to fall the adventures of Henry, Maevin, Aevina, Larry, and the rest of the Beloved Universe cast!

-Xaltean Imperial News

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